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Blood Chemistry Analysis

**Demystify Your Health Journey!**

New Service Available!

Wondering about your blood work?  

Let someone trained in Nutritional Blood Chemistry & Nutrition Therapy take a closer look!

Embark on a journey to personalized well-being with my expert blood chemistry analysis service! 

As an experienced Nutrition Therapy Master and Restorative Wellness practitioner, I will examine your lab results, providing precise insights for you to be empowered on your health journey. 

Tailored guidance for your unique health story is in your hands!

**What this means for you:

- Comprehensive Analysis: Expert evaluation of your blood chemistry.

- Tailored Insights: Pinpointing specific imbalances unique to you.

- Empowering Your Health: Support crafted for your individual wellness goals.

- Recommendations for Further Insight:

 - Suggestions for additional labs if needed for a deeper understanding or to help you achieve your goals.

Your well-being deserves expert attention. 

Cost: $249

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